Byte 2.0

Mini PC

With its dual network interface controllers (NICs) and dual video outputs, the Byte Mk II is engineered for unparalleled connectivity. But more than just performance, we know that Linux users value open-source principles and robust security. That's why we've equipped the Byte Mk II with coreboot firmware, an open-source alternative to traditional BIOS, offering advanced security features such as BIOS Lock, Secure Boot, and Measured Boot. Test.

From $602.00 $402.00

The new Byte Mk II
StarLite Mk V showing Ubuntu pre-installed

StarLite 5

100% more performance.

500% faster storage.

100% more memory.

100% faster memory.

50% more pixels.

50% longer battery life.

100% more touch.

100% faster USB-C.

From $713.00

More than just a licence.

A machine you can craft to suit your workflow with our ever-evolving open-source code, that's upstreamed and tuned to perfection. Combined with our unbeatable support, the experience will exceed expections.

Why choose us?

Your way.

Our hardware and firmware are highly customisable. Your laptop will arrive precisely the way you want it, with your chosen distribution pre-installed.


Laptop with pre-installed Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu LTS

Ubuntu, KUbuntu, Ubuntu MATE

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Laptop with pre-installed elementary Linux

elementary OS


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Laptop with pre-installed Mint Linux

Linux Mint

Cinnamon, MATE, XFCE

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Laptop with pre-installed Manjaro Linux

Manjaro 24


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Laptop with pre-installed MX Linux

MX Linux


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Laptop with pre-installed Zorin Linux

Zorin OS

Core, Pro

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Laptop with pre-installed Qubes Linux

Qubes 4.2.0

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